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          Just for Teachers

          Download Free Lesson Plans

          Grade Lesson & Link
          K-12 “Coal Education & Activities”
          K-5 “Cupcake Core Sampling”
          3-8 “Cookie Mining”
          4-8 “How Much Does It Cost to Light Your School?”
          5-12 "Learning about fossil fuels"
          6-12 “Generating Electricity From Coal”
          K-12 Arch Coal Teaching Grant Project Summaries
          K-12 Missouri Minerals Education - Teachers’ Workshop 2012
          Coal’s Vital Role in America’s Future (PDF - 6.4MB)


          The Missouri Minerals Education Foundation invites Missouri teachers to participate in the Annual “Missouri is a State of Mines – Rocks, Minerals and our Environment” workshop that is held in late July or early August each summer.

          This free workshop provides information, ideas, materials and classroom activities involving geology, minerals, mining, and the wise-use of our natural resources participants can immediately begin using in the classroom.

          Activities include demonstrations, exhibits, and tours. Daily lunches will be provided along with plenty of hospitality, entertainment and time to interact with fellow teachers.

          The workshop is open to all K–8 teachers and administrators who live or teach in Missouri and is limited to 70 participants. Participants may elect to receive two undergraduate credits, two graduate credits or 10 CEUs/PDUs.

          Details about each year’s workshop are available by March 1. To put your name on a list to receive information as soon as the specific arrangements are made, email Rhonda Reed.

          Upon receipt of your registration, a confirmation notice will be sent. Workshop details and agenda packet will follow. Workshop attendees will walk away excited about teaching rocks, minerals and the environment. They will carry away with them a tote bag full of materials, boxed sets of Missouri rocks and minerals, plus a menu and all the materials to create a “rock-in” class year.